“Two are better off than one, because together they can work more effectively.  If one of them falls down, the other can help him up.  But if someone is alone … there is no one to help him … Two people can resist an attack that would defeat one person alone.” Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, 12 

We are associated with Global Service Associates, (GSA) which is a missional community that ministers in different parts of the world.  Locally, our ministry name is LifeBuilders. Most of our local ministry is in South Carolina in addition to missionary care overseas. GSA allows us to be involved in both ministry and in counseling through a local private practice called Palmetto Counseling Associates.

Each individual with GSA is responsible for raising personal and ministry expenses.  GSA does not have a central fund to pay the salaries of their staff in ministry.  When someone gives a financial gift for our ministry, it goes into our staff account, not a general fund.  Out of that staff account, we are able to draw our salary which pays both our living and ministry expenses.

We can’t do this alone.  Our ministry is a partnership.  We partner with individuals and families who make time to pray regularly for us and our ministry concerns and give regularly out of what God has given them.  We rely on our team as our closest ally in the spiritual battle and share ministry victories, challenges as well as prayer requests through regular prayer letters, emails, and videos.

Having been in Christian ministry for so long (Bill for over 29 years, Gina for more than 19 years), we’ve seen God provide for all of our needs for years.  We have a history of trusting God and seeing the Body of Christ give joyfully to the work God appointed us to do.

Could God be leading you to make a stewardship decision to join us as a prayer and financial partner?  Click here to invest with us.  And then keep reading!