Old School Love

Growing up, I remember the summer tradition of going to church camp. I had changed from First Presbyterian Church to First Baptist Church in Milledgeville, Ga at age 13, so I had experienced how each denomination conducted their youth camps. There wasn’t much of a difference except at the Presbyterian one, there was always a dance on the last night. The Baptists weren’t quite as lucky :).

One memory I did have from the Baptist camps was Billy Hargrove. Billy was our camp pastor and he led by example. By example, I mean that he lived a life as close to Christ that I had ever seen as a young boy. This standard was reflected in how he treated both his wife and kids as well as how he led his church and these camps.

Billy’s son, Marlin, who was in the Baldwin High School Drama Club with me, recently sent me a wonderful video about his father’s life. At 90 years old, he is still living out that example that our Savior demonstrated to us.  Three years ago, Billy lost his wife of 64 years, Harriett.  While Billy was missing his wife, Virginia was also missing her husband of 57 years who had passed away. Marlin then met Virginia’s daughter at a wedding and they thought that their parents might be perfect for each other. So this was a case of having a blind date for the first time in 65 years! Today, Billy and Virginia are happily married and enjoying life together. Click here to see the video. This is a great story of both hope and love.

Forty years ago, I met a man that taught me what it truly means to “Walk The Talk” in both ministry and life. Thank you, Billy, for your example.

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Who is someone who has “Walked The Talk” for you in your life? Post your comments here.


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