Dear William

Dear William,

While we were at our family wedding this past weekend, I happened to get a glimpse of you dancing with your mother.  I did a double take. Was this my 11 year old son or a high-school young man dancing with his mother? I gasped as I watched and for a minute was about to tear up. This was you, my son, growing up ever so quickly into a young man. Wow!

William, as you mature you will find yourself eventually dancing with women other than your mother. Even now your mother and I are praying for the one you will dance with on your wedding day. As most people do, I certainly have relational regrets but none in regards to how I courted your mother. I hope that you will remember our story.

I had a sense in my early teens that God was calling me into some type of ministry, but was unsure of where that might lead. All I could do then was trust that He would one day reveal His plan to me. Part of his plan involved going into full-time ministry at Auburn University and later overseas in Romania. Some of my single friends had challenged me with questions such as, “Bill, how are you going to find a wife in Romania”? At that time, I thought that maybe God was simply calling me to be a single missionary so I did not have to worry about those things. I figured, too, that if God wanted me to have a wife, he could arrange just as easily for me to meet her in Bucharest as to meet her at a large singles’ gathering in the U.S.

Guess what?  That is exactly what happened! I met your mother while we were both at a Romanian outreach project. Looking back on our friendship and later romance, I am so glad that we chose:

  • Not to have sex with each other or anyone else before our wedding night. It may sound archaic, but it is still possible to be a virgin when you marry today … even as it was in my case as a 35 year old!
  • To let our first kiss be before the pastor who married us. It is certainly not a requirement in Scripture to do this, but it somehow made that kiss and all the later ones sweeter!
  • To dedicate our lives to serving Our Heavenly Father together. It has been a wonderful ride so far (14 years) and I look forward to growing old with your mother.
  • To have a family together. One of the greatest privileges in life is being able to hear you call me “Dad”.

I love you William & I am so proud of you!



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