A Life-changing Weekend With William

Our Passport to Purity Weekend

How does a father truly influence his son in the area of purity and to help him make wise decisions?  I have been giving this a lot of thought lately since I have two boys who everyone promises me will be grown men before I can even blink.  I also realize that William and Michael’s innocence is under an ongoing attack.  With that in mind, I recently invited my oldest son, William, on a special two day weekend (just the two of us).  We traveled to a wonderful bed and breakfast called Whispering Willows.  It was there that we delved into the Passport to Purity Getaway Kit.  Having served on one of the local FamilyLife teams in the past, I had a positive opinion of many of their resources such as their Weekend to Remember, etc.

My initial goal was to improve on my father’s awkward “birds and the bees” talk to me.  That is another story for another day. 🙂  What I discovered in P2P was a wonderful guide that helped me connect with William’s heart over some of the most important issues he will ever face as a young man such as upcoming changes emotionally and physically.  We also looked at what the Bible has to say about sex while having discussions on how purity means more than just not having sex; it actually begins in your heart and mind.

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Learning About the Marines

On our afternoon break from P2P, we also visited a Marine recruiting office for William to hear about what it takes to be a Marine and the characteristics to develop right now that build strong character.

There were several projects we worked on as father and son throughout the weekend.  One that left a lasting impression was called the Leaky Balloon.  We filled up the balloon with water.  I then had William hold it up and said, “Let’s pretend this water balloon is filled with your sexual purity and innocence.  This is all that you have.  How much of it would you like to save for your spouse on your wedding night?”

“All of it”, shared William.

“Let’s say that someone comes to you and just wants a little kiss — your first kiss and just a little bit of your innocence.”  I held up the balloon  and pierced it with a needle so that a tiny bit of water came out.  “The person says to you, ‘It’s just a little thing — a small part of your purity.  You’ll never miss it.'”  I pierced the balloon again with the needle and said, “And then someone else comes along and wants just a little more of your purity.”  I pierced it three more times.  “And after that, let’s say that person liked what they got and wants even more.  Now you’ve lost several drops.”  I then pierced the balloon several more times.  “Then, let’s say you really fall for someone special, and you decide it’s okay to give even more of your purity and innocence away.”  I squeezed the balloon so more water squirted out.  “Unfortunately, you break up with this person and move on.”  I kept squeezing until there was nothing left.

“Finally, you are older, and you find the person you want to marry and spend the rest of your life with.”  I held up the empty balloon.  “What has happened to your innocence and purity?  How much do you have left when you get married?”  William answered, “None.”

“How did you lose your purity — all at once or little by little?”  William shared, “Little by little.”

“William, that is how young people are losing one of the most precious gifts they can give to another human being; they start by giving it away a drop at a time.  Then they give away even more, and eventually it’s no longer drops, but a small stream.  Don’t give away your innocence.  Save it for your future wife.”

“Ok, dad.”


Entering Whispering Willows

How does this resonate with you?  Post your comments here.


  1. Wow this blessed me so much this morning. The leaking balloon I must share with other young people what a great example. God bless you guys. We love you very much.

    The Evans Family

  2. What a special time you two had here at Whispering Willows. It was fun trying to make his favorite breakfast for him (though I don’t usually serve cereal).
    Y’all made my heart glad as I knew your purpose for coming. And I counted it a privilege to be in prayer for you throughout that time. May God bring forth much fruit from not only your time together but also this blog entry….really well-stated. I, too, took our youngest daughter away years ago to do P2P…..I don’t know how you got your balloon to do as the directions stated, but mine didn’t work but had a profound impact for sure. When I made the first puncture into the balloon, IT BURST COMPLETELY!!!!!! My daughter and I looked at each other….shocked….I was speechless, then we started giggling and eventually went into major laughter with tears flowing…..eventually she said rather sheepishly but with conviction, “Mom, I think I get it!” And, she did. She gently encouraged and requested from her boyfriend years later that she wanted her first kiss at their wedding. He was shocked over that but surrendered to her request. They had a long courtship and years later as they stood at the altar for that first kiss, there were many tears flowing. And the groom told me privately how much he had appreciated her request years before.
    There’s always going to be a battle, but making commitments to help strengthen in the times of struggle is crucial. Bless you for taking the time to enter these precious moments with others.

    • Grace,

      Thanks so much for Bob & you and how your gift of hospitality blesses so many. I was just talking with a husband yesterday who had traveled to W. W. with his wife. He shared how it had a renewing effect on their marriage and relationship.

      May Your Tribe Increase!


  3. …this is what happens when we are God-centered…i would guess that sharing this on FB, Bill, will bless so many, far beyond your friends list…that’s how our perfect God works. i so appreciate your sharing it; perhaps it will influence my discussions with my grands! love you guys, all of you.

  4. This is very well written as you share an important aspect of the role of a godly father with his sons. God’s plan for our lives includes the wonder and sacredness of intimacy but our culture has led many far away from that perspective. Thanks for sharing and may God bless both of your sons as they continue to grow up as men of God.

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