Off Course?

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Tim Enochs writes about being one degree off course.  His pilot friend shared some stats about flying:

  • for every degree you fly off course, you will miss your target by 92 feet
  • for every 60 miles, you will miss your target by one mile
  • Flying around the equator will land you almost 500 miles off target

The general idea here is that the longer you fly one degree off, the further you will be away from your planned destination.

Unfortunately, this reminds me of the battle that many of us men face in the area of pornography.
Question:  What is the age at which boys first view pornography?
Answer:  9 years old
Question:  What is the average age for a man who gets help with a porn addiction?
Answer:  Between 30 and 35 years old
So what would “one degree off course” look like for a boy who began viewing porn at 9 but who did not try to get help until age 34?  21 to 26 years is a long time to be flying “one degree off course”.  Many of the men that I have had the privilege to journeying with in this area report that they end of looking at things they never thought they would look at and doing things they never thought that they would do.
I would like to ask you two questions:
1.  What are you accepting in your life right now?
2.  What is your tolerance for being off course?
Jim Rohn once related that neither a marriage nor a business fail overnight.  Cataclysmic failure generally comes from a series of small, correctable failures.  Tim likes to call these failures “one degree failures”.
The reality is there is only one man who lived on this earth who never wavered off course and that man was Jesus.  As men, we all can get a degree or two off course from time to time, but the key is to readjust and realign ourselves back on course.  The one thing that I have seen in common among men who have chosen to stay off course for an extended period of time is a lack of accountability.  We truly all need our “band of brothers”.
What has been an area where you realized you were off course in?  How were you able to realign yourself?  Post your comments here.


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