My First Blog! Here I come!

Faith, Family, Friends & Freedom

I thought you might be interested in how I began my first blog …

I usually will plan to blog on varying subjects such as faith, family and friends.  In celebration of my first blog, I’m going to let you help me actually write part of it by filling the following blanks.  Who knows?  We might end up learning something new about each other!  The sentence:

“Back where I come from, a _____ is a _____.”

Some examples:

  • “‘megahertz’ is a huge rental company
  • ‘Tai Bo’ is the last thing you do to a present
  • ‘Preferred Carrier’ is a mailman who doesn’t read your magazines

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  1. Bill, it has been great getting to know your family and I look forward to seeing more great updates like these! May the Lord bless and guide you.

  2. i’m clueless about all this tech stuff and blogging and everything. remember the good ‘ol days in EE when life was simple and…

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